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Our partners are important to us. They are critical to the successful delivery of our new initiatives and to the running of our ICT operations. Being a Strategic Partner of TFG Infotec means true collaboration between Infotec & the partner to help create value for the TFG business.

Microsoft Corporation is a multinational computer technology corporation that develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a wide range of software products for computing devices. TFG enjoys an excellent relationship with Microsoft across the entire software and service stack.

International Business Machines Corporation, abbreviated IBM and nicknamed "Big Blue" (for its official corporate colour), is a multinational computer technology and IT consulting corporation. TFG utilizes IBM services for our storage hardware and software.

Telkom provides all our Wide Area Network (WAN) services to all TFG stores and regional offices in South Africa. This amounts to more than 700 connected sites with further expansion planned. TFG was Telkom’s first major customer to be contracted on their new MPLS platform in 2004 and was seen as a bold and groundbreaking decision on the part of TFG at the time. We are now implementing ADSL links to all our stores to enable the next phase of growth in our business. Telkom also provides voice and other contracted data services to TFG and are in partnership to drive new technologies and initiatives into the market place.

The SAP Financial & control (FI/CO) solution was implemented in TFG in late 2006 to replace a number of legacy systems and interfaces. In order to gain maximum benefit out of this substantial investment TFG Infotec is maintaining a close relationship with this international vendor, staying up to date with their strategy, upgrade path and development in the space of financial application best practice. The SAP Real Estate solution will be implemented for the group in 2012.

At TFG, we are partnered with JDA who provide the applications that support our core Planning and Merchandising processes. This partnership has been a long journey which started in 1997 with the implementation of the JDA Portfolio Merchandise Management System called ODBMS (or PMM for recent versions) as our merchandise ERP suite, with Arthur Allocations and Size Scaling applications to support our merchandising process. The success of this relationship is as a result of the collaboration that they have with us. They demonstrate a willingness to listen to us as their client and bring all their international experience to bear in shaping their products to our needs.

T-Systems provide Mainframe, telecommunication and Enterprise Scheduling services to TFG. The Mainframe environment hosts a large portion of TFG’s credit environment.

UCS is a provider of end-to-end technology solutions for the retail, manufacturing, wholesaling and logistics industries within South Africa. In this capacity, UCS has provided retail software and solutions to TFG since 2001. The partnership began with the development and implementation of Point of Service systems and has expanded over the years to include consulting services and ongoing software development. A customised version of Active Retail is deployed to all stores in the Group and also runs the stores head office services integrating seamlessly to a multitude of in-house systems.

CEB Maintenance (Pty) Ltd is the largest, specialist Point of Sale maintainer in South Africa. Over nearly 20 years, the company has directed all its efforts into becoming the leading service provider in the Retail industry. With an estimated market share of more than 70%, CEB has achieved just that. CEB currently supports PC based POS systems at TFG as well as many other major retailers nationally. These service offerings include, specifically, project planning, installations, revamps, and implementation.

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